For years I have struggles with something very unsettling.  You might have too, either consciously or subconsciously.  In fact, many people from many different walks of life do not realize that this problem is the root of many of today’s issues.

For me personally, it comes down to this.  I am a Marketing and Technology professional.  I need to make a living and want to hold onto the clients, income and services I offer.  However, when you look at how things are changing so rapidly, I need to ask myself if holding on is the best way to move forward.

The Disruptive Future™ is a good thing in the end but a terrible transition to make for most people.  We all grew up in a fairly standard belief system and now the friction in many communities is because those beliefs are being disrupted at an escalating rate.

When you think of disruptive changes, they are usually good for the greater community but bad for the individuals and organizations that hold onto the old way of doing things.

Think about these examples.

  • Blockbuster Video vs Netflix
  • Records (CD’s) vs Streaming Music
  • Books vs eBooks
  • Online Taxes vs Accountants
  • Amazon vs K-Mart
  • Microwaves vs Wood Fire (Wood fire is still more tasty)
  • Film Photography vs Digital

Massive disruption and elimination of many people’s livelihood.  But beneficial to the population at large.

And things can change and get better in every industry even faster when we stop resisting change and develop a more clear vision of where we want to go and how to get their without leaving people behind.  However, we clearly cannot leave it up to government because these changes will not preserve their jobs either.  They are struggling with the same issues and try to change the focus to distract people from the Disruptive Future that is coming and will improve life for everyone if done well.

This post is my shot across the bow.  This is where I am going while still doing a great job with my clients and using my skills to help them in the short term.  But we need to escalate these changes, change the conversation and develop a GUV (Grand Universal Vision™) so we can work together to accomplish what is best for everyone.

To begin with, you might say, “Wait.  Who will be deciding what is best for me?”  The technology now easily can be built to develop a community where everyone agrees to the GUV and works on projects to further the reduction in waste and busyness while improving the lives of people that adhere to the global standards.

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