Ron mcdaniel

Just Thinking, Speaking, Writing and Building

Innovation in
Businesses and  Education

Business Consulting

Software Development, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Specialist.

Education Reform

Active in Educational System Development and Legal Reform for Schools.

Innovation and Success

Planning for Innovation, Disruption and Change

Clinging to the status quo is how organizations die a slow death.
I work with organizations that are asking questions and
want to explore what the answers might bring in the future.

Is our end goal the best outcome for our customer?

Is it possible to reduce the price and increase the profit?

Will people want to work here in the future?

Are false constraints ethical?


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SEO & Lead Gen

With 20+ Years Experience,
SEO is Kinda our Jam


Customized, Engaging Training or Speaking Topic Available.

Innovation & Disruption

Consulting & products on positioning companies for the future.

Why Hire Ron McDaniel

as a Speaker?

With extensive experience as a speaker, a teacher and running corporate meeting, Ron enjoys being informational, entertaining and providing value to people who spend their time attending.

What are available speaking topics?

I prefer to customize topics to your needs.  Entrepreneurhsip, Marketing, SEO, Education, Learning for Mastery, Disruptive Innovation, Charter Schools and Raising High Performance Kids are all topics I enjoy speaking about.

Available online and at events?

Yes. Online and attending events, as well as doing private workshops are all available. In 2020, travel is limited based on health situations.

How much are speaking fees?

Contact us to find out – because there are so many variables.  Travel days, topics, length of presentation all are factors.

Experience building custom curriculums.

I have designed college courses from scratch.  I can customize your training or presentation to meet your specific needs as long as it is in one of my general areas of interest.

Extensive experience doing it, not just teaching it.

With 20 years of experience running a technology and marketing firm, I have a lot of hands-on experience and stories that bring a presentation to life.

About Ron McDaniel

    • Diverse set of interests centered around technology, education and business.
    • Author, Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing
    • National Speaker
    • President, Towpath Trails High School and Middlebury Prep Academy
    • CEO, Buzzoodle
    • CEO, Liquid Learning, Inc
    • Editor, GR8TR Today Magazine
    • Professor (English, Journalism and Digital Marketing courses)
    • Tennis Aficionado
    • Disruptive Innovation Consultant


    “Ron McDaniel took our old domain that was not producing leads and created an effective solution that started generating leads almost immediately.”

    Ron Finklestein

    President, Sales Trainer & Author

    Ron McDaniel is great at attracting local clients for products like ours. I am happy to cut my Yellow Pages spending.

    Ron Lee

    Ron has helped drive our marketing to levels we never thought possible. Our presence on the internet and the reach to new customer traffic is substantial. Potential customers contact us now verses the old ways of knocking on doors, direct mail and other outdated methods. 

    Bill Bregar

    President, Loss Prevention Systems


    Marketing Services

    My Marketing Agency, Buzzoodle is ready to help with Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.

    Speaking / Training Request

    Custom speaking and training services available online.  Results driven design of content based on your needs.

    Innovation & Disruption

    The Innovation & Disruption Self-Guided Program helps organization identify future risks & opportunities.

    Is It Time For Us To Talk?

    Let’s set up a time to discuss how we can work together.

    • Training
    • Speaking at your Event
    • Digital Marketing 
    • Developing Your Business
    • An Innovation and Disruption Program
    • Consulting in Education & Mastery

    No matter how we work together, my goal is always to see positive momentum and progress for you and your organization


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