Ron mcdaniel

Education Reform by Paying Students to Learn

Founder of

Speaking Topics

  • Redefining Student Motivation
  • The Learning Gig Economy
  • Utilizing and Neutralizing AI in Education
  • Capitalism in Education: Paying Students for their Work
  • The Global Impact of Learning Gigs
Innovation and Success

Learning Gigs
Pay Students to Learn

Classroom research showed promising results within only a few weeks. Students went from having fun to demanding academic rigor so they could demonstrate mastery and get paid. You should not be surprised.

Improves Academic Results

Reduces Poverty while Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Eliminates Behavior Issues in Schools

Verified Mastery Credentials


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Improving Education
Reducing Poverty


Customized, Engaging Training or Speaking Topic Available.

Corporate Engagement

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Why Hire Ron McDaniel

as a Speaker?

With extensive experience as a speaker, a teacher and running corporate meeting, Ron enjoys being informational, entertaining and providing value.

What are available speaking topics?

I prefer to customize topics to your needs.  Education, Learning for Mastery, Paying Students to Learn, and Raising High-Performance Kids are all topics I enjoy speaking about.

Available online and at events?

Yes. Online and attending events, as well as doing private workshops are all available. 

How much are speaking fees?

Contact us to find out – because there are so many variables.  Travel days, topics, length of presentation all are factors. My speaking fees go to the nonprofit, supporting students globally.

Experience building custom curriculums.

I have designed college courses from scratch.  I can customize your training or presentation to meet your specific needs as long as it is in one of my general areas of interest.

Extensive experience doing it, not just teaching it.

3x Founder with over 20 years of experience running technology and businesses firms, I have a lot of hands-on experience and stories that bring a presentation to life.

About Ron McDaniel

    • Diverse set of interests centered around technology, education and business.
    • Author, ABCs to ATMs – The Case for Paying Students to Learn
    • National Speaker
    • President, Towpath Trails High School, and Middlebury Prep Academy
    • Founder, – An Education Nonprofit
    • CEO, Liquid Learning, Inc
    • Professor (English, Journalism, Business, AI, and Digital Publishing courses)

    Is It Time For Us To Talk?

    Let’s set up a time to discuss how we can work together.

    • Training / Workshops
    • Speaking at your Event
    • Consulting in Education & Mastery
    • Partnerships with Complimentary Organizations
    • Aligning your Brand with Outstanda via Coporate Sponsorship of Learning Gigs.