Do you really want to succeed at something?  Not just say it but really want it?

Then instead of setting big goals, or milestones, set daily goals.

The reasons this works better are as follows:

  1. You cannot fit too many things into the day – so you will have to focus on a few goals.
  2. You are forming behaviors that move you towards success.  If you are focused on the big outcomes you want you can easily postpone the steps to get there.
  3. Daily goals make you take your outcome and break down daily activities to get the results.  If you cannot do this, your outcome goal is too vague and you need to get more specific.
  4. You can easily measure the success of failure of daily goals.  They are either going to be a number (how many cold calls) or a yes/no type thing (did I eat healthy).  I have developed scalar rankings as well at times such as on a scale of 1-5 how well did I eat and exercise?  Then I look at the total points for the week.  If you do develop a scalar tracking system, then you need to make sure you clearly define what the numbers on the scale mean.
  5. By pursuing daily goals, you are changing your behavior.  You should focus 100% of your daily goals and measurement on positive aspects.  This will help you build positive behaviors towards your bigger goals that will not only help you achieve those goals but be more successful overall.
  6. Use gaming as a guide – you can turn your daily goals into psychological games and even keep score in a spreadsheet.  This will motivate you and help you focus on your desired behaviors.

There are many things you can turn into daily goals.

  • Health – Both eating and exercise
  • Sales
  • Income (Especially good for online income)
  • Social Media for Lead Generation
  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Investment Management
  • House Cleaning (Try throwing away one thing every day to clean out your house)

These are just some of the ideas where daily goals can improve your behavior and focus to achieve your longer term big goals.

What do you think – do you use daily goals for anything?


About The Author

Ron McDaniel helps companies improve online lead generation through the publication on Authority sites (online magazines) that develop targeted audiences and turn those audiences into loyal buyers.

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