The Disruptive Future

For many years I have been looking at trends in technology and social changes.  Being a hybrid Marketing, Business and Technology specialist gives you a real look into how these various spaces will merge in the near future into a singularity of high efficiency and highly persuasive marketing that will extract all wealth from  the human marketplace.  You might read that and be skeptical, but consider this one idea.  Years ago AI (Artificial Intelligence) was developed to teach kids educational topics (According to Peter Diamandis in Abundance).  It could detect when they were bored and which things they respond to better and engage them better.

Ron McDaniel - Google Plus SpeakerCool.  But how long before this is used for Marketing to make it nearly impossible for a user to resist the marketing message?  Or how long before children begin to like the ever-so-empathetic AI more than their less sympathetic and more stressed out parents?

These are just two kinds of questions I ask as I read various works.  The fact is, people seem to fall into the fan boy “future is great” camp or the doom and gloom camp.  Skynet is your friend….

I created the term The Disruptive Future™ because we need a cautionary way to describe the radical changes that are going to keep disrupting things and escalating change that impacts people without their consent.  Even though disruption sounds bad, it is not.  It simply means things are going to change radically whether you like it or not, and the only way to fully take advantage of these changes is to plan, to discuss and to stop holding onto the past models that are failing.

I am going to explore a lot of uncomfortable topics.  Feel free to disagree and debate.  My #1 rule is you can say what ever you want, but you need to fully disclose your real identity.  Nothing will be posted or replied to without your real identity.

This is also not going to be a bunch of science articles.   Think of it more as sociology and philosophy, with some serious economics and a new lifestyle developed around the uncomfortable fact that we should be working hard to eliminate jobs, not create more.  Things are completely backwards right now and people know the systems do not work well any more but also most people have not given much thought to how things need to change.  One person I know well (and he is no dummy) said he voted for the candidate that would destroy the government – and he did not care how it is changed, just that it is.  This is ignorant, but I understand his frustration.  Governments around the world are not facing facts or planning for the technical disruption that is coming soon.  They hang onto old ideas even when they are obsolete.  They create and maintain false complexity to ensure more jobs are needed and to keep people busy.

While I do not know where this will all lead, it will have a focus on simplicity, automation, global openness and the hardest look I can take at what is really needed versus what is falsely fabricated.

I fully expect to offend many people a lot of the time.  But it comes down to this.  If the disruptive future is not brought to the forefront of our consciousness, we are going to suffer greatly instead of create a great society that alleviates suffering.  The best way to begin is to get on our email list and find out what we are up to and join in the discussion.