Episode 2 of The Disruptive Future Podcast by Ron McDaniel

 QuHarrison Terry -The Future of Journalism, Autonomous Companies and More

Bio: QuHarrison Terry is a creative professional working for Redox in Madison, Wisconsin. He publishes the popular Quick Theories newsletter about future trends and ideas. Find out more at QyHarrison.com

Very fun talking to QuHarrison. (Listen to find out where his name comes from – fun.)  We cover Journalism, Autonomous Companies, AI for authority roles as well as future trends in technology. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it.  – Ron McDaniel

Podcast Removed / Discontinued

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Questions Asked

  • Difficult living in Wisconsin?
  • Fashion Industry?
  • Digital Arts? Having an agency in the Midwest?
  • Tell me about Redox.
  • What is the meaning behind your Name?
  • You recently wrote about the future of journalism – explain some of your points
  • When do you think software becomes AI? (Yoast is not AI, for example)
  • You wrote about Autonomous Companies – summarize that for me.
  • Do you think authority positions would be better run by AI?
  • One earlier in one article you wrote about a future where people are like house cats and AI is the caretaker – let’s discuss.
  • Universal Basic Income or Money-less Society?
  • Who or what are your influences?
  • What books on this topic have been your biggest influences?
  • What websites do you visit regularly?
  • What is the coolest thing that has happened to you since you in regards to publishing your newsletter? Met anyone? Appeared on shows?
  • What is the single most interesting new technology that you are excited about?
  • How can people find out more about you?

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