When people are searching for lead generation software online they often do not understand that lead generation tools fall into many categories.  This makes it hard to find what they are looking for because they assume there is one type of software that does all kinds of lead generation activities, and that is simply not true.

Here are the different categories of lead generation software and how I think of it.

Lead Collection Software

Software that goes out to the web based on categories and search terms and mines the Internet for contact information is a lead collection category of software.  While this software is very good at generation lists of contact information for you to work, it is not very good at getting warm leads unless you are very creative with your search terms.

Inbound Marketing Software

Lead Generation Software that attracts leads to a site and captures them usually combine strategies with FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus and Search Engine Optimization.  This strategy may not produce huge numbers of leads, but the quality of the leads is very high because people are coming to you and they have a need for what you have to offer.  Buzzoodle.com is a system that falls into this lead generation software category as it uses blogging and search engine optimization techniques to attract leads to a site.

Website Traffic Software

This is the broadest category of lead generation software.  The website traffic software category has thousands of different tools.  This includes any software tool that helps you generate traffic back to a website.  Of course, you need to have a website capable of capturing leads if you are going to go to all the trouble of increasing your traffic.

Lead Capture Software

Lead capture software will put forms on the site to actually collect the lead information.  Sometimes you can use multiple lead capture tools to combine the actual form generation with how the form appears on the website.  Tools like Salesforce.com and aWeber can capture the leads, and I have used WordPress plugins and different scripts to do more creative things with displaying the lead capture form.

Lead Generation Business Management Software

At a more pricy end, there is the lead generation as a business software packages.  These do not generate the leads, but they have the capture and management of leads built into the system.  This usually includes the selling of leads at a price to people that want to buy leads.  You may not want to spend the thousands of dollars on these kinds of systems until you have proven you can generate significant levels of leads.

These are the broad lead generation software categories I tend to place all tools in.

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Ron McDaniel helps companies improve online lead generation through the publication on Authority sites (online magazines) that develop targeted audiences and turn those audiences into loyal buyers.

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  • Thanks for the lead generation techniques in your article. I use a software program to generate lead list that falls into your “Lead Collection Software”. You are right in that I have to be “very creative with your search terms” to get a good list.