I know I have been writing a lot about Google plus over the last week, but it is very valuable and it is news.  Now I want to write about what I am seeing with Google Plus traffic trends, which is fantastic.

First, I do not expect it to stay this good.  Great Internet traffic is fickle and as soon as the Google Plus system becomes more open and more spammy, the results will decrease.

However, right now in July of 2011, I can tell you that Google Plus is driving web traffic terrifically.  I did a comparison of my much bitter twitter and Facebook followings compared to a much smaller group I am involved with on Google Plus and Google Plus drove 10 x the traffic on a much smaller following.

Not only that, but the quality of engagement is incredible.  I am meeting people, talking to people on the phone, chatting via Google Hangouts and more all towards building my brand and generation Website traffic with Google plus.

So the #1 best way to get Internet traffic with Google plus is to get involved as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be to build a quality network.  Also, you want to join Google Plus and then start adding people to circles fairly fast.  Weed out the ones you do not want later.  If you have a lot of people circle you back after you circle them, then you will have a group that will see your post and check out what you have to say if it is intersting.

I do think that Google Plus web traffic will be more quality oriented then other networks.  The people on there now are very savvy creative and technical folk and they are not going to click on everything in their stream.  In fact, they are more likely to uncircle you than other networks.

So you can produce huge Google Plus Website Traffic if you sign up, develop a group that circles you and put out quality, interesting stuff.  Spammy stuff, not so much.

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Ron McDaniel helps companies improve online lead generation through the publication on Authority sites (online magazines) that develop targeted audiences and turn those audiences into loyal buyers.

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