I have a feeling that Google Plus Business pages are going to be rather sweet.  I also think that Google may charge for some elements of it, but maybe not.  Keep reading if you are wondering why I say that.

Right now you cannot set up a business page on Google Plus.  If you do, they will take it down.  Google is also being very strict about the quality of profiles.  If you are not a real person and list a real name they are deactivating your access.

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When you consider the commitment to a high quality network and the delay in Business pages, I see an opportunity I would consider if I was Google.

1.  I would continue to put big resources into building a legitimate and high quality network, even though the raw numbers would be lower.

2.  I would come out with the coolest set of Google plus business tools that blow away other networks, like FaceBook and LinkedIn.  I would let businesses build email opt other things that make sense for a business but are restricted in those networks.

3.  To limit sloppy “businesses” and scams, I would charge a monthly fee to have a Google plus business profile page – or at least I would charge for extended services.  This would greatly decrease the low quality businesses even if it is only a few dollars per month.  And Google could justify the cost because of the quality networks, which costs a lot to maintain.

Of course, clubs and other types of organizations would want to have a Google Plus business page but those could be limited and could include ads.

I do not know if this is what is going to happen, but I would consider it if I was them.  As much as we all love free, charging the small amount for Google plus business pages will increase quality and cut the clutter of all those worthless sites.

Please, Google, make us pay for it and keep getting rid of fake people.

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