In early March, 2017 I was sent a complimentary copy of Future Marketing by Jon Wuebben. I have known him for a while as we have both written Marketing books and work in a similar Content Marketing space.  We have even both developed marketing software solutions.  Very similar, but he lives in an nicer climate (San Diego I believe.)

So when he asked me to review the book I was a little bit reluctant as I do not get very excited about Marketing books any more.  I find myself skimming them looking for a nugget or two from the huge amount of stuff I already know.  And to a little bit of an extent, the same thing happened to me with Future Marketing.  However, I was skimming the marketing stuff because I wanted to get to the other Futuristic stuff, which is very interesting.

If I have one complaint about this book, I would have preferred it not being a Marketing book and just focusing on societal changes that are happening fast.  While Jon did not tell me combining the two items were a struggle, it would not surprise me if it were.  I have struggled with similar interests myself and Marketing seems so trivial compared to what is really possible.

One thing that impresses me about Jon is that he has been studying this topic for a long time.  He mentions many books and articles in his work to support his books premises. It is a very thorough and complete summary of many of the coming changes, including the ideas of post-capitalism which makes you sound like a communist until you understand this is an evolution, not an abandonment of principles.

I am going to be going back through this book and identifying which cited works I want to go out and read.  I have read some of them but Jon is well ahead of me in this study.  I also plan on talking to him at some point because he is unfailingly positive in his viewpoint of what is happening and there are a lot of tough questions that need to be asked so that we do not end up in a society where nearly all wealth is aggregated with people that control technology and AI.  He is clearly a fan and does not address the fact that soon AI and Big Data will easily be able to extract money from people as quickly as they make it.  But that is for another day.

If you want a book with Marketing and future trends in technology, society and business, you should give this book a go.

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