How to Get Paid Speaking Engagements

It would be great if I could tell you just one way to get paid speaking opportunities.  However, there are a lot of different markets for speakers and this means there are a lot of ways to generate speaking engagements for yourself.

The first thing you need to do is commit to the long term.  This rarely happens over night.  It is a continuous improvement effort that includes always improving your speaker marketing materials, your speaker website and the speeches themselves.

Often the best source of speaking engagements are the people that have just seen you speak or hired you in the past.  If someone in the audience really likes it and they are involved in putting on other events, this can result in great speaking opportunities.  Also, if your presentation gets good results then you have a good chance to be invited back in the future.

It is also not very difficult to build a speaker lead generation website that will rank high in search engines when meeting planners are out doing research for the meetings they are preparing to do.  While these are easy to set up, they do take regular writing and a commitment to improvement over time.

Another good source is to work with other speakers that compliment your topic.  Then when there is a bigger event that you get to speak at, you can close the opportunity and then ask the planner if they need any suggestions on other speakers.  When you share these kinds of speaking opportunities with a small group of professional speakers you will all increase your business.

You will find that the web and referrals from past audience members and event planners is the best source of speaking opportunities for Small Business Speakers that I get.  Speaking engagement opportunities for Marketing Speakers are surprisingly easy to come by with a good speaker lead generation engine, for example.

The ultimate key is that a paid speaking business is a slow growth effort unless you manage to get incredible PR and exposure.  You need to be comfortable promoting yourself or have a great speaking agent to quickly make money speaking.  For many people, slow growth with referrals and targeted web efforts will provide a steady supply to work with.  Then continue to grow from there.

Chicago Business Speaker

In November I will be presenting lead generation topics at an online business conference in Chicago. This is an exciting event for me because it it two days focused on building Internet income.

As a small business speaker I am always asked after my presentations about how to build internet income on the side – there are a lot of wanna-be Internet moonlighting entrepreneurs out there.

So if you are interested on that kind of thing go look at the upcoming event at the thrive super conference.

Branding for Small Businesses

I am a branding speaker and a small business speaker but I am also a very honest speaker. As much as I love branding, for a small business with a limited sales and marketing budget, brading should not be the priority for many small businesses.

The fact is, a clear, simple, memorable brand for a small business will stand out more from the experience people have with it. So instead of spending time and money on new branding, a small business owner could invest in training, customer service and product development.

So if you are looking for a small business branding speaker, take the time to figure out what you really want them to cover before bringing them in.

Twitter for Event Promotion

Can you use Twitter for event promotion?

Well, of course you can.  But there are some critical factors.

You should not sign up for twitter a few weeks before the event.  You are going to have to work too hard to build your list in time to have any impact.  Just not a good return on your investment.  (Although you could get lucky)

The better way to use twitter for your event is to build a big list of people that care about what you have to say, and then when you tell them “Look at the small business speaker we just booked…” they go and check out the event site.

And you can do this over and over for each speaker, each course/seminar, some big vendors, contests, the list of things you can tweet about for an upcoming event is big – and never has to be selling the event.

But again, if you have not built your list before you need it, you will not have a big enough audience that is paying attention.  Twitter can be a powerful tool, but it is not about the tool, it is about having people that care about what you have to say.

Search Engine Optimization Speaker

If you are out looking for a Search Engine Optimization Speaker, you will first want to consider what you want to achieve and what your audience members will benefit most from.  An SEO Speaker that is going to be a small business speaker should not talk about broad industry trends and vague SEO Streategies.

Instead, if you have a lot of small business owners in your audience you will want to do a small business lead generation workshop or presentation that will show small business owners how to create lead generation engines via seo and social media.

Ron McDaniel is a web lead generation specialist that uses organic SEO and social media to craft value driven sales funnels that produce outstanding ROI and targeted leads.  If this it the kind of Search Engine Optimization Speaker you are looking for, contact Ron and find out how his SEO Speaker Services can help your next event be a bigger success.

Small Business Social Media Expert

Ron McDaniel is not a lead generation expert on small business social media because of the tools he recommends.  Anyone can recommend that a small business use FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter, coupled with blogging, to grow their small business.

Instead, Ron helps small businesses step back and plot out just how to use social media to generate targeted online leads that will grow the small business and provide a positive return on investment, of both expense and time.

They key is not to start with the tools.  Social Media is just a collection of online tools that anyone can use.

Instead, start with the outcome you want.  Do you want to grow your email list?  Do you want people to call you?  Do you want people to come to an event you are organizing?  Then you need to start with that outcome and work your way backwards into a profitable, targeted social media and content strategy that will produce measurable results.

Ron McDaniel is a small business speaker that teaches people to to do just that.  Call today and book Ron for your next event.