Lead Generation Training

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Thanks to the Akron Women’s Network for having me in for a lead generation training session.  The 2+ hour lead generation workshop was fun and I gave out every lead generation secret I could in the session.  Those people that put it to work are going to get a lot more leads in the near future.

If you are looking for lead generation training or a lead generation workshop speaker just let me know.  Since I have focused more specifically on lead generation the value of the presentation has gone up considerably.  I expect everyone that takes action after the workshop to increase sales and grow revenue in a matter of weeks or months, depending on the marketplace competition.

The fact is, building lead generation websites is a high value activity that becomes a valuable asset to a business over time.  The presentation includes SEO Speaker topics, Business Blogging topics and general Internet Marketing strategies to put the pieces together and generate more leads.

Speaker pricing

Speaker pricing is a tricky thing. I am a huge fan of having standard pricing and a package that is easy to talk about. As an SEO speaker and lead generation specialist I know that I can teach people to create millions of dollars in new leads, so in theory charging $300,000 for a two hour training session to 25 people would seem like a fair price.

No, I have not done any of those yet.

The reality of speaking fees is that many speakers are flexible but you cannot expect them to be always flexible. For example, they may be paying a commision to an agent or agency. They may be very busy and not do discount speeches. They may also be very selective about who they speak for.

For me, I try to do local free and low cost speeches if I am avalable and if the group is generally the kinds of people that stand a chance to buy from me.

I have even travelled across the country at cost to address the right groups. One I did last year has produced a huge number of clients and sales.

Why am I writing about this? Because if you are shopping for a marketing speaker and you are not sure who you can afford, you should just call and ask. But have a budget in mind, know what your audience will look like and if the speaker is not in the Baal park or just foes not seem interested, then move on and find another.

Search Engine Optimization Speaker

If you are out looking for a Search Engine Optimization Speaker, you will first want to consider what you want to achieve and what your audience members will benefit most from.  An SEO Speaker that is going to be a small business speaker should not talk about broad industry trends and vague SEO Streategies.

Instead, if you have a lot of small business owners in your audience you will want to do a small business lead generation workshop or presentation that will show small business owners how to create lead generation engines via seo and social media.

Ron McDaniel is a web lead generation specialist that uses organic SEO and social media to craft value driven sales funnels that produce outstanding ROI and targeted leads.  If this it the kind of Search Engine Optimization Speaker you are looking for, contact Ron and find out how his SEO Speaker Services can help your next event be a bigger success.

Ohio SEO Speaker

You can save considerable money hiring a speaker if you hire a local speaker.  For that reason, if you are looking for an SEO Speaker in Ohio, you should contact me and find out the pricing.

Of course, do not hire a local SEO speaker just because they are local.  Hire them because they are a great fit for your local audience as well.

Ohio is not the only state I consider local.  I will do an SEO speech or and SEO seminar at a discount (due to less time and travel) in Ohio, parts of Pennsylvania, Western New York state, Indiana and maybe even Toronto, Canada.  I enjoy visiting Toronto.  It is where I had my first legal drink.  :)

Akron SEO Speaker – SEO Presentation

Ron McDaniel is an SEO Speaker that has presented numerous SEO Presentations in Akron, Canton and Cleveland Ohio.

What makes Ron different as an SEO specialist is that he combines Buzz Marketing and Social Media into a system that focuses on lead generation and clear ROI for businesses.  Search Engine Optimization is a very important facet of generating leads and new customers online.  You also have to know what you are doing with your call to action and your irresistible offer to encourage people to actually become leads for your business.

While Ron will travel to most locations to do private SEO workshops, SEO Speeches and SEO Employee Ambassador Training, he is also available to do private Marketing Webinar courses to teach your marketing staff the best SEO techniques and tools to use to increase the effectiveness of your website.

Contact Ron today to discuss your SEO speaker needs.

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