Google Plus Game Development

It looks like Google Plus Game Development is being launched.  Check out the announcement on the Official Google+ Blog.

I would have liked to see Google Plus Business Pages first, but I can see why they are doing this.  Games are more likely to create a sticky Google Plus audience, and if they can show a great audience they will be more attractive to businesses to build Google Plus Business Pages.  My theory is that they will actually charge for Google Plus Business because it would cut down on spam and be totally worth it if the cost was low and it created a higher value network.

We all know how successful game apps and FaceBook games have been, so a lot of people will start building Google Plus Games very quickly.  However, it seems like they are going to limit what can be on the site initially.

Critical to the success of the network is to have a way to filter out requests and information from other people’s games.  Right now there are a lot of techie trend setters in Google Plus and if they start getting requests to go to a virtual farm and slop the pigs, people are going to bail.  In fact, I think the Farmville, Mafia Wars and Vampire Slaying on FaceBook is the #1 biggest reason I never became a power user there.  I do not waste much of my own time on games and I do not want to see things from other people’s time wasting.

So if you are going to start doing Google Plus Game Development, please do not ruin Google Plus.  Make it fun for people that care and invisible for people that have better things to do.