How to Write a Book Without Writing

Too many people are still impressed by people with books published. I am going to let you in on a dirty little secret.  Writing and publishing a book is easy.  Very easy.  And you do not have to write it, nor spend a fortune on a ghost writer. Whether you are tweeting, FaceBookin’ or G+in, you are a writer.  You have simply not packaged your stuff well yet. So lets explore some ways people get books written or assembled, which may not make them a fortune, but having a book does add to your credibility and generates more opportunities in many areas.

1) Recording and Transcribing

This is a very common technique for people that do not want to record.  You can write out a good outline and record yourself talking about the various points and then have it transcribed and edited into a book.  Literally within a few weeks your book can be ready to go.  And this does not have to be expensive.  Audacity is free recording software and transcription is usually about 50 cents per minute.  You can then edit it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

2) Ghost Writing

Much like recording your voice, you can hire a ghost writer to get you a decent rough draft often for a few hundred dollars.  If you go with a cheap ghost writer you may not be able to publish it as is, but you can use it as a starting point and make it your own.

3) Aggregate Your Content

If you have been writing blogs or articles for a while, you can easily find some nice articles that go together on a particular topic and string them together into a book.  You may want to tweak them and create better transitions, or you can just sell the book as your best posts of 2011 or something.

4) PLR Articles (Private Label Rights)

You can buy packages of articles that other people have written and use these as the basis for a book.  I will warn you there are a lot of bad PLR articles out there and you may really have to dig and rewrite to get a good book, but it is one popular method for book writing.

5) Hiring Chapters

You can also use a writing service like and probably pay around $20 per chapter for writers to write on topics.  I use this service for articles that I do not want to write, but you can easily use it for segments in a book. There are more methods of writing without writing.  I do not believe you will get a perfect book from any of these methods, but you will get a nice rough draft for under $500 (maybe under $200) and then you can either edit it yourself or pay someone to edit it and make it nice.