5 Marketing Areas Google Cannot Touch


I appreciate the importance of Google in the grand scheme of Marketing.  He who controls the Spice, controls the Internet.  (Actually, that might be Cisco.) Anyway, for years we focused heavily on keyword phrases and back links, and a lot of that stuff still works to varying degrees, but the real problem is that it

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Making an Apple Mac Switch


So my daughter kept raving about using a MacBook Pro at school and she wanted one for Christmas. I have always heard good things when people have done the switch, and since the laptop was on sale (very unusual) I bought two. I come to find out that many of my reservations were unfounded and

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Content Marketing Flowchart

Buzzoodle Flow Chart

Recently at Buzzoodle.com we revamped our flow chart of how our content marketing and lead generation work together. I expect to have a more polished version soon but I thought I would release it here as well to give you an overview of how our many services work together to create an authority site online

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Virtual Agency Model

Some people dream of opening up a business with offices, employees and conference rooms while some business owners dream of cutting all the overhead of utilities, office space, payroll and doing a virtual agency. My experience was probably typical for many.  I started at home.  When I had several employees working in my basement my

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2013 Internet Marketing Predictions

Here at Buzzoodle.com, we have been helping many kinds of clients generate leads with better online content.  A few years ago, the blog posts and articles did not need to be long or of the highest quality to generate good search engine traffic and generate steady leads.  In 2013 we have really changed that approach.

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Why Do Business Websites Fail?

The reason business website often fail is because they are more of a sales brochure than they are a interactive information website. The websites that attract the most visitors are the ones that provide lots of great information for prospects. They understand the customers and they produce content that is fantastic and useful to the

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